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Take the guesswork out of marketing for good!

Access strategies that have generated well over $10 million in personal training revenue. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel, stick to what works!

Growth doesn’t happen by accident…

Even the best businesses face attrition, it’s inevitable. Clients move, change jobs, heck, even pass on, and that means the need for new clients is constant. But how do you ensure you always have new faces in front of you and new opportunities for growth?

Who knew that in order to survive in the fitness industry meant you had to become an expert marketer as well? You can provide the greatest results in the world, but if you can’t get anyone into your gym to train, you’re no more effective than the newest trainer out there!

Shortcut Your Marketing Success

With the ProFit GPS, you get unlimited access to the exact same tools, strategies, and resources we’ve used to build 6- and 7- figure businesses for myself and my clients! You’ll have instant access to over 52 marketing strategies in the areas of internal marketing, external marketing, retention, and even grassroots marketing campaigns that actually work! Don’t worry, we’ve even included a 365 Day Marketing Calendar to help you know exactly what you should be running and when!

With our Growth, Plan and Strategy tools you can:

  • Create your yearly marketing calendar in record time, without worrying about “burning out” your prospects and active clients!
  • Easily attract new prospects with “game-changing funnels” that take almost NO time to put together!
  • Automate marketing campaigns so that you can reel in prospects day and night, while focusing on other areas of your business (like getting amazing results for your clients)!
  • “Swipe and deploy” effortless techniques to keep clients coming back to you year-after-year… instead of switching to your competitors’ businesses!
  • Access to our Ultimate Funnel Workshop where we teach you how to build out your evergreen trial funnel!
  • And, much more!

$10 Million Proven Marketing Formula

Unlike the marketing “gurus” out there, I’ve spent nearly a decade “in the trenches,” honing and perfecting my marketing skills.

Along the way, I’ve kept track of the most effective strategies and tools and used them in my own business (and in my clients’ businesses, too). That’s what has enabled me to turn Pulse Fitness from a “dead-in-the-water” venture with ZERO clients to a 7-figure business that helps hundreds of people each year finally achieve their fitness and health goals.

The Growth. Plan. Strategy program includes:

  • Social media content: Stay in front of prospects and clients and build serious authority with this video collection of ready-to-go healthy recipes, workout tips, and full workouts you can “private label” and post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media profile. Plus, you’ll get a done-for-you weekly posting calendar to make social media marketing simple!
  • Internal Marketing: I’ve included loads of ideas, strategies, and “swipeable” content to keep your current clients engaged (and prevent them from going elsewhere), increase per-client revenues, and encourage referrals!
  • Facebook group marketing: Here, you’ll get the cutting-edge insights and resources to leverage your own free Facebook group to generate new business, referrals, and unshakable client loyalty!
  • Lead generation: Just use this collection of “plug and play” strategies to turn on a flow of responsive leads any time of the year!
  • Frontent offers: Creating just the right “low-ticket” offer to get clients in the door can be frustrating. But, not anymore! Now, you have access to a treasure trove (including 1-click funnel uploads) of introductory offers to get prospects to take their credit cards out of their wallets and to become your next enthusiastic fan!
  • Messenger Bot marketing: With the proven strategies I’ve packed into this section, you’ll be able to use Messenger Bot Marketing to attract warm leads without spending your day composing and sending messages yourself. It’s a simple way to keep the pipeline full while freeing you to take care of more pressing tasks!
  • Flash marketing: Need to generate some quick cash to expand, cover payroll, or pay for that new car? The ideas and resources in this section will let you create urgency through “limited time” offers that get prospects to take action fast!
  • Retention: You know that keeping your clients is a critical component of meeting your financial goals but most fitness business owners ignore this part. In minutes, you can swipe and deploy these fun, easy strategies to keep your clients excited (and paying you month after month)!

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