ProFit Marketing Solutions is the gold standard in fitness marketing because its approach is industry specific, cutting edge and battle tested.

The Four Pillars To Our Client’s Success

The marketing team at ProFit employs a multitude of methods developed specifically for fitness businesses and entrepreneurs by fitness entrepreneurs.
Fitness Marketing

Social Media

ProFit designs and maintains eye-catching, lead-generating pages and accounts that lure target audiences with relevant, engaging content and low barrier offers (e.g. ‘6 Week Transformation’ or ‘Women Only’ packages).

Fitness Marketing

Landing Pages

Capture leads in a single click with a web page designed and maintained by ProFit to represent your facility as it gathers prospective clients and delivers them right to you.

Fitness Marketing
Fitness Marketing

Email Marketing

ProFit nurtures leads through timely, on-target and inviting emails to advance them through the buying cycle.
Fitness Marketing

Metrics Reporting

Trust ProFit to create expertly written content that will not only intrigue and excite potential clients, but will reflect your gym’s distinct personality.

Fitness Marketing

Fit Pros Like You Already Winning

We’re Here To Marketing Your Fitness Businesses

ProFit Marketing Solutions can change the game for your fitness facility with low start up cost, and a monthly membership structure that will help you lay out the best lead generation and client conversion strategies year round.