ProFit Marketing Solutions is the gold standard in fitness marketing because its approach is industry specific, cutting edge and battle tested.

The marketing team at ProFit employs a multitude of methods developed specifically for fitness businesses and entrepreneurs by fitness entrepreneurs.

ProFit Private Client Coaching Program

Our 8 Week Coaching Program that dives deep into 4 areas of your business, Delivery Systems, Ascension Systems, Conversion Systems, and Attraction Systems, as well as focusing on you and your Mindset as the capstone to your organization!

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Fitness Marketing

ProFit Client Lifecycle Automation

Our good/better/best solution for automating your lead and client nurture and touchpoints! Email, Text, and even leave Voicemails for leads and clients using Keap – an automation software that doesn’t have bad days, take time off work, or forget who it’s supposed to talk to! Give yourself or your team hours of time back while simultaneously increasing the effectiveness of your lead and client touchpoints! Save time and make more money with CLA!

ProFit GPS

Our 365 Day plan for Marketing your fitness business. Utilize our grab-and-go marketing assets to consistently provide poles in the water and grow your business like never before.
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Fit Pros Like You Already Winning

We’re Here To Marketing Your Fitness Businesses

ProFit Marketing Solutions can change the game for your fitness facility with low start up cost, and a monthly membership structure that will help you lay out the best lead generation and client conversion strategies year round.