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Get Out Of The Way

By 20th June 2019 December 20th, 2019 No Comments

Someone asked me the other day, “How long will it take me to get from the self-employed quadrant to the business owner quadrant?” This is a tough one to answer. Unfortunately, some people never make it there. Some people spend their entire life in the self-employed category.

In a previous blog we talked about the different quadrants – for most gym owners, their dream is to move from the self-employed quadrant, meaning their business won’t operate without them, to the business owner quadrant, where they can walk away from the day to day operations. Most people; however, have no idea how to do this.

What it really comes down to is that they’re afraid to let go.

No one is going to work harder, or care more than you are as the business owner. That’s a fact. You can’t expect your team to care as much as you, it’s not their business or their entire life on the line. This is something you’re going to just have to learn to let go of and learn to trust your team.

Most gym owners are so stuck in the technical side of things, with training the clients, and cleaning the gym, doing the marketing, and the sales, and making sure everything is just perfect. They’re in there when the gym opens, and they’re the ones locking the doors at night. Which – don’t get me wrong, absolutely needs to happen in the beginning. But over time, you need to create systems for your business to operate on that allow you to let go if you want to get out of that self-employed role.

You can’t grow unless you make a decision to step away and relinquish that control.

So, how do you determine what tasks need to be delegated? Write it down. We’re limited to the number of things that we can do in a day, and most of the time, we’re focused on the fires. We’re focused on the things that appear to need attention right now, and it takes away time from being able to work on income producing activities. You’re going to get burnt out if you keep running like that.

Write down everything you do during the day. Cleaning the floors, training clients, taking out the trash, calling leads, dusting fans, facebook ads, whatever it is. Now prioritize those.

Prioritize your day by doing the income producing activities first.

If you don’t have time for the rest of the activities after doing your revenue generating tasks, which is almost always the case, then delegate those tasks to someone else. What’s usually left is busy work.

The busy work is NOT where your time is best spent.

The end goal of this task is really just to identify the tasks that you should and should not be spending your time on. A lot of times as business owners, we overlook the value of our own time; however, just because you are willing and able to do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD be doing it.  Your time is the MOST valuable out of anyone in the organization, and WHERE you spend your time, is going to have the biggest impact on your business.

So, what if you can’t afford to hire a team yet?

You buy back your time, so you can grow your business to a position that allows you to hire staff in the future. What do I mean by that? Free up your time using automation. What tasks in your day can you automate? Emails? Social media content? Following up with leads? Text messages? The possibilities are endless.

But you can’t afford the software?

Most gym owners look at technology as an expense, but they look at certifications and new equipment as investments. Your technology is going to make you more money, and free up your time. Your time is money. And that extra time is going to allow you to focus on more income producing activities. In most cases, one new client will pay for your investment in the software, and then some.

Do you need help delegating your tasks to your staff? Or maybe you’re not quite there yet, but you need help leveraging automation to free up your time? Regardless of where you’re at in your business right now, we want to help you get to the next level.

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