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What Did You Decide

Let's talk about the cost of inaction and how it can affect your business. As a gym owner, I moved to a new location in 2015 and was invited to an event by my friends Frank and Rick Mayo. The event was called STS, a mastermind group that I joined because I wanted to surround myself with the best people. I have also joined other groups such as the inner circle with Russell Brunson and Todd Brown. Every time I joined a group like this, it helped me grow my business because I made better decisions. Unfortunately, not taking any action can lead to no growth, and hope is not a strategy.


It's the small decisions that you make over time that result in creating a positive outcome. Action is key, and following your decisions with action is important. Recently, I have been receiving calls from people in the group that I was in, and I am happy to help them because I know how difficult it can be to get started.


oneSTS eventually dissolved, and many people did not take any action after it. However, we created the Iron Circle because there was no mastermind group that I wanted to join in the fitness space. Many of the folks from STS are now in the Iron Circle, and they are doing amazing. The biggest breakthrough that most of them are seeing is that they can change their internal thermostat and aim for a higher ceiling. It's important to realize that there's a lot more to this game, and there's always more juice to squeeze.

Being around the people in the Iron Circle, they realized that they can make things even better without having to work harder. It's the decisions that you make along the way that will create a positive result, and not taking any action will lead to no growth.


Surrounding oneself with the right people can have a significant impact on one's beliefs and thought processes. This influence is based on the evidence one sees in their surroundings. Often, one's environment sets limitations on what they believe is possible. However, attending events where successful individuals gather can be an eye-opening experience. It is possible to learn from the success stories of others and to realize that one's situation is not necessarily the norm. This realization can lead to changing one's beliefs, taking action, and ultimately, success.


One may find themselves falling into the trap of believing that what they have is "good enough." However, continuous growth is necessary to achieve long-term success. This growth can be achieved by surrounding oneself with successful individuals, pursuing coaches, and taking the necessary steps to force change. This change in beliefs can lead to making better decisions and taking more effective actions. It is essential to be part of the right group to achieve success. This group should have a structured plan for growth, and its members should communicate regularly. The group should be committed to taking action and achieving their goals.


Personal trainers should have coaches to lean on and someone to push them to reach their full potential. Having a coach is essential for continued growth, and it can change one's life. It is also important to be part of a group of like-minded individuals who take action and achieve their goals. It is not enough to be close to the situation. One must be part of the group and take action to achieve success. The average of everything that comes down will determine one's success. Thus, it is essential to hire individuals and help them succeed.


The greatest benefit is achieved when one pairs their desire and understanding with the knowledge required to reach the next level. Since everyone is at different levels, it is important to recognize the need for personalized concepts and teaching methods. As a listener, it is crucial to evaluate where one is on their journey and what is necessary to get to the next level. The key takeaway is that personal growth is paramount, and it requires putting oneself in the right room, pursuing a coach or mentor, and taking action. Grinding all the time and working fewer hours of sleep is not a sign of success, but rather a recipe for failure. Relinquishing control is difficult for many business owners because of pride. However, letting go can transform one's life and lead to growth and scalability. One must learn to accept that employees will never care as much as they do about the business, but with great systems and staff, growth is still possible. It is essential to let go of perfectionism and be content with achieving 98% growth. Ultimately, caring less about the little things can lead to a less stressful life.


Indeed, the responsibility for the success of our endeavors lies entirely on us as individuals, including you, the listener. We regularly offer free advice and received a testimonial over the weekend from a gym owner who had benefitted from our podcast. Despite not paying us anything, he expressed his appreciation for the podcast, which motivated him to transition to semi-private training during COVID. After getting shut down in January, February, and March, he recorded growth in his business that eventually transformed his life. He even shared a screenshot of his QuickBooks to demonstrate the effect of the podcast on his business. We received a similar testimonial from another gym owner who opened his gym this year and already has over 60 members on a recurring basis. We discussed how he owes his success to our advice as he was initially considering opening a traditional, open-concept gym and offering training to those who were interested. These two stories emphasize the importance of taking action and implementing the strategies we provide.


We firmly believe that there are no excuses for not thriving in business as solutions to all problems exist. During a call with a friend who was struggling with his business, we pointed out that although the solutions were hard, they were all achievable. The three steps required to fix his problems included getting rid of some of his staff, investing in his business, and making necessary changes to the operation. These are not easy tasks, but they are doable with determination and effort.


We often remind our listeners that success does not come easy; it requires hard work and dedication. We live in Scottsdale, and we can attest that there are not many millionaire business owners with six-packs walking around, which further confirms the importance of taking action and implementing our strategies. It is the cost of inactivity that leads to missed opportunities, and gym owners need to take responsibility for their business' success or failure. The pivot we made years ago from running ads to teaching gym owners the necessary business concepts was a hard decision, but it allowed us to help gym owners achieve substantial growth in their businesses. As gym owners, you have a lot to gain, and we are here to take you further.


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