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Owning a gym shouldn’t feel like hell. Together, let’s help you build a system dependent business rooted in the foundational beliefs of time and financial freedom.

Running a business without systems will cause you to…

Work excessive hours

Sick of spending 40, 50, sometimes 60 hours a week in your gym.

Live pay check to pay check

There’s never enough cash flow to pay yourself a real liveable wage.

Never being able to take time off

Spending hours each week training? Miss your family? Hobbies? Vacations?

That sucks! Be more like these gym owners:

Brandon Roggow - Habitat Fitness

"We got the clarity needed to sell and scale and the most rewarding part is seeing how excited our clients are with the changes we've made!"......

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Alex White - Peak Human Performance

"This 8 Week program really met the needs of what we needed with our business. It wasn't a one-size-fits-all just follow the plan..."...

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Cory Leman - IBJI

"We are in a better position today than we have ever been, thanks to this coaching."...

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Joe Altamura - Training4Fitness

"Tim and Randy showed us how to make a lot more money and free up a lot more time!"...

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Math of Marketing

From Tim Lyons: "As a business owner, there are certain things you need to know to not only stay in business but succeed at it. If there’s something common to every business owner, it’s the desire to make good profit and eliminate every competition in their field." Check out more in this FREE resource!

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Save Time and Take Back Control of Your Business

Prioritize your time as the gym owner

No longer spend your time on tedious daily tasks that should be handled by staff or automation, leaving you to spend your time on the areas of business that move the needle the greatest.

Profit focused business

By understanding the key metrics to your business, you’ll be able to trim your expenses, streamline your income, and ensure your business is profitable.

System and staff dependency

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Together we’ll create a rock-solid staffing plan focused around systems that will ensure everyone knows their responsibilities and keeps them from spilling onto your plate.

We’re in the trenches with you every day

To this day, ProFit founder Tim is still the proud owner of Pulse Fitness in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. Tim surpassed the 7-figure mark for his fitness business, before branching out and starting ProFit with the intention of helping other gym owners reach success back in 2015.

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Business Accelerator

Profit and scale faster with our proven ProFit 8-week Business Accelerator method.

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Business Coaching near Phoenix

Client Lifecycle Automation

Nurture every lead that enters your ecosystem to the point of consultation to membership and beyond!

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Business Coaching near Phoenix

Drop Ship Apparel

Finally, a solution for fitness apparel that doesn’t require pre-orders, inventory, or almost any of your time!

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