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Digital Marketing

3 Tasks That Help Build Your Digital Marketing Portfolio

By 18th August 2021 No Comments

The right digital marketing portfolio makes you the perfect fit for any prospective employer. Whether you are looking to work for a marketing agency or for a specific company, your portfolio will show your skills, talent, and personality. Build your digital marketing portfolio by being smart about your content, focusing on your clients, and identifying what makes you unique.

Be Smart About Your Content

The content you provide in your portfolio is the only impression and prospective employer will have of you right up front. This makes it even more important to be smart about the content you provide. Think of original ways to present your work that best demonstrate your skill set. Remember to frequently update your portfolio with new pieces so you can showcase recent projects and progress. Finally, make sure your content always contains a bio, contact details, examples of your work, and a call to action.

Focus on Your Clients

Any prospective client wants to feel reassured that you are the right choice for them. They need to make sure that you will meet their needs and be worth their investment. Ultimately, the best way they can feel this reassurance is through previous customer recommendations. Which is why it is so important to focus on your clients and the way you communicate with them. Simple, reliable, unified communication with clients is vital for most businesses. If you want to have a successful business with clear communication and good reviews, you need to focus on your clients, not just the future ones.

Identify What Makes You Unique

When you are marketing a product, you typically want to focus on the USP (unique selling point) of that product. What makes the product stand out and how does it fit the needs of your customers? When developing your marketing portfolio, you want to show not only how you meet other’s USP, but how you have developed your own unique selling point. What is something you can offer that sets you apart from your competition? After you identify what makes you unique, find ways to implement this selling point within your marketing portfolio.

A digital marketing portfolio is the most interactive form of a job resume. There, you show the prospective client or employer that you are what they need. Showcase your best content, have great relationships with clients, and display what makes you unique to have a successful portfolio.

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