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The Art of the Ad: How to Make Your Ads Less Annoying to Consumers

By 19th January 2021 No Comments

How do you make someone interested in your product without irritating them with endless ads?  Being involved in advertising is a dynamically complex industry. The rise of technology has allowed for people to receive your messages in a variety of ways, but it has also demanded more from advertising teams than ever before.

Pay Attention to Frequency

The frequency with which your customers are presented with your ads can impact whether or not they are perceived to be annoying. The locations you place your ads can make people less likely to buy your product, and can even be detract from your brand. This is particularly true when advertising on digital platforms since people want to watch their content immediately.

Consider diversifying where you place your ads. Switch up the demographics sometimes so different people are receiving your advertisement. Don’t overload a single platform with your advertising budget. Value moderation when you are delivering an advertising campaign.

Sponsor Sessions

An alternate way to get your brand on the customer’s mind is by sponsoring sessions of their favorite creators. Sponsored sessions can help improve your brand image by making your advertisements the reason why people can enjoy their content uninterrupted. You are also letting a creator or influencer your audience trusts speak for your brand. This shows that your product is trustworthy.

If you’re a new start up, seek out creators on digital platforms with a similar following to you. Ask them whether they would like to try out your product for a sponsorship. Grow your brand by offering the deal to several other creators.

Be Creative

Having a hard time getting views on your advertisements? Maybe your ads are too boring. People like to be entertained, so you should try to figure out a way to share your product in a creative way.

Think of Super Bowl commercials: They rarely just tell their message immediately. They leave the audience wanting more and it plays with their expectations. If you make it funny, they will be less likely to click off and at least give your ad the time of day. Get your writing team together and see what you can create that engages your target audiences.

Avoid Politicization

This point may be more controversial, but brands that attempt to get involved in “woke” conversations tend to receive a lot of negative attention. Political speech can come across to customers as patronizing instead of unifying. While you may gain a few extra customers who appreciate the political message, you will receive a lot of angry customers threatening to “cancel” you.

If you have a public relations team, make sure that your potential commercials are conflict-free to avoid these situations. While political messages aren’t inherently bad, they usually aren’t worth the negative attention from the audience.

The art of the ad can seem easy at first, but it is difficult to master. Work with your PR and advertising teams to ensure your advertisements are clean and engaging. Set up test audiences. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t is all part of the process, and these recommendations should give you a great place to start.

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