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Let’s face it. The world exists for most in the palms of their hands. Some days, I’m hard-pressed to even look up from my phone long enough to notice if it’s sunny or raining, lest I miss some important work email, text or the newest meme circulating the web. More likely, I would use my weather app to figure that out.

Clearly, I’m not alone. Mobile usage as a whole accounts for nearly 60% of time spent consuming digital media while desktop-based digital media consumption makes up the remaining 40%. Think about that for a second…60% of your potential clients are searching for services you provide on their MOBILE DEVICES. Have you given any thought to how your assets look on an iPhone, iPad or Android? With so many consumers searching for information on their mobile devices, it would be remiss not to optimize every digital asset, (web page, blog, digital ad and image), for that medium.

What does that mean exactly? Have you ever searched for a product on your phone, gone to the company’s website and were unable to complete a purchase or even read their homepage because the text was cut off? Not the best first impression for a potential client. In fact, if I’m honest, I’ve gone on to the next company’s site, with a higher price tag, just to avoid having to wait to get home to order a product.

Don’t lose consumers by not providing a user-friendly mobile interface. Ensure that your text wraps to the next line, re-size social media images to fit into the smaller image dimensions required on mobile marketing devices, and, perhaps most importantly…customize your lead generation forms to the medium: shorten the form length and create a more user-friendly form with mobile users in mind.

Knowing that mobile users comprise the majority of your potential client base, it’s imperative that you create a first impression that translates well to their medium. Create digital assets that appeal to your entire audience, regardless of how they find you, and you should see an uptick in inquiries, and, ultimately new customers.

Every campaign we create at Pro Fit Marketing Solutions is mobile-optimized for ease of mobile viewing. Stop wasting your time on marketing campaigns that don’t work because they aren’t reaching your core audience. Contact us today to schedule a strategy session to learn how we can help you extend your digital reach.


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