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How to Convince Gym-Goers Your Gym is Safe

By 21st October 2020 No Comments

Gyms have reopened in many areas. That should be great news for gym owners and gym-goers alike. The trouble is that many people may not feel comfortable or safe going to the gym due to concerns about catching COVID-19. This can be a problem for owners who are relying on attendees to make ends meet. So what do you do to convince gym-goers that your gym is safe?

Sanitize Round the Clock

In a gym, most surfaces become high contact surfaces. To protect everyone who enters the gym, it is necessary to be aggressive in your sanitization measures. All equipment should be sanitized after it has been used. Know which cleaners to use in order to make sure that you’ve effectively disinfected equipment. You may find it necessary to assign some staff to make sure the equipment is sanitized daily. You could also provide sanitizing wipes for gym-goers to clean off equipment. People will feel safer attending a gym if they see these things.

Cap Attendance

Social distancing can be tricky to do in a gym unless you cap attendance. Consider how many people you can accommodate under social distancing guidelines. Use visual reminders to maintain distance as well. Social distancing signs help your customers maintain a safe distance from each other. Limiting attendance and promoting social distancing can help gym-goers feel more comfortable. They will know that you are taking measures to protect their health. This will also help you to retain customers for the long haul.

Be Transparent About Your Policies

If you want gym-goers to feel safe in your gym, you need to inform them about the actions you’re taking to protect them. People won’t know about them unless you tell them. Be transparent about any new policies you’ve enacted. Post them on your gym’s website. Using a banner with a link to more details about what measures you’re taking may be helpful. Place signs near the entrance of your gym and in other pertinent areas to remind people of those policies.

Showing gym-goers that your gym is safe for them to come to may be the first step to getting many of them back through your doors. Make sure you sanitize equipment frequently and regularly. Cap attendance, and consider canceling some group fitness classes. Be transparent about your policies. Being proactive about taking these actions will help people feel more comfortable returning to your gym.

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