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Digital Marketing

How Can I Improve the Reach of My Digital Marketing?

By 17th June 2021 No Comments

Digital marketing is highly effective, but only if you do it correctly. You can feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting a good return on the work you’re doing, if you don’t know the best strategies involved. Just like with traditional methods, your specific demographic and intent matters with each variation of digital marketing. You need to know who your ideal customer is, and then follow the specific rules needed to reach them. How can you improve the reach of your digital marketing, and maximize your ROI while minimizing your stress and time spent creating posts?

Time It Properly

As with all things when wooing a client, your timing matters. Too early and you get deleted with junk mail and scrolled past. Too late, and nobody feels like purchasing. With the ability to schedule blog posts, emails, and even social media postings, knowing who is in your target demographic and when they are likely to see your posting makes a big difference. Don’t laugh– your best time overall is just after people arrive at the office on weekdays, around ten AM. Remember, your goal is to post in your demographic’s time zone, not your own.

Pair it With Other Methods

There’s no one way to reach potential clients, and one of the best ways to make sure you’re reaching as many people locally as possible is to pair your digital campaign with another, traditional form of marketing. Direct mail can snag people you would otherwise miss and bring them to your website.

Stay on Trend

And you thought being trendy just was for fashion models! Your blog, your media, your logo and brand all need to keep up with today’s trends in order to not be seen as dated. Especially your website updates need to involve the clean lines and rich colors favored on today’s market. It can be complex and frustrating to need to update web design frequently, but it’s worth it! Try something involving very basic complimentary colors, as if you were updating a room color scheme.

Remember, your goal is to get eyes on your content and hopefully a purchase happening. So, if this means gathering those eyes to your website, and offering coupons if they follow you on social media, this makes those eyes (and wallets) return to seeing your content over and over again. Repeat views almost always mean an eventual sale.

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