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In an industry that is constantly evolving, it is tough to stay ahead of the curve. But… after careful review of what has been working for us in this space and what industry insiders are describing as the future of the industry as a whole, I have pieced together the top 5 Digital Marketing Fitness Trends for 2017 we will follow this year as we gain a greater foothold in the marketplace.

  1. Digital Marketing Trends for 2017 – Mobile Marketing and Advertising

    From mobile purchasing, mobile website traffic to mobile lead generation, 2016 saw huge growth in this space. As a means to reach your core audience, mobile marketing and advertising is only going to get stronger. As we discussed in a previous blog, more customers get their information from hand-held devices than radio, television and stationary computers put together. In the coming year, we will have to rely more heavily on driving traffic to mobile sites while ensuring we are able to segment and reallocate our budgets to reflect consumers’ purchasing and click-thru habits. Based on data analytics from a wide range of reports, your time and money would be well spent learning all you can to attend to this market segment.

  1. Digital Marketing Trends for 2017 – Video

    Regardless of your preferred social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat), trying to conduct a successful campaign without the use of video is quickly becoming a fruitless effort. The engagement rate from videos by potential consumers on every platform has grown exponentially over the past year resulting in an increase in clicks, page likes, and ultimately, sales. Industry experts believe that the trend is going to continue to grow. The best part? The potential for increased ROI is not solely linked to flashy, expensive videos, but rather to the fact that the video exists at all. Live Video Streaming is really taking off as well as more consumers are demanding up-to-the-minute content. As the trend grows, consumers are sure to become more particular about what they are watching. In the meantime, though, video, in any form, is key.

  1. Digital Marketing Trends for 2017 – Split-Testing Landing Pages

    When it comes to click through’s and conversions, our audience is a fickle bunch. The same colors, images, wording and spacing may appeal to some, but not all potential consumers and it may not always appeal to the same people. It’s imperative to try several approaches and figure out which one works best before you just go “all in” on a campaign. If you’re not split-testing your landing pages, you may be missing out on potential clients.

  1. Digital Marketing Trends for 2017 – Content Marketing

    This goes hand-in-hand with our belief that gaining and maintaining clients in this industry is a long-term prospect. Providing them with relevant, helpful content relating to your field of expertise is valuable in gaining trust and maintaining current clients. Becoming the go-to expert in your geographical location makes you the number one choice when a prospect is looking for a new gym to join and instills the belief that you are providing your current clients with valuable add-ons they could not find elsewhere. If you are able to personalize this service in any way, that gives you another boost on your competition and creates an even stronger bond with current and potential clients alike.

  1. Digital Marketing Trends for 2017 – Immersive Marketing and Advertising

    We are bombarded with advertising everywhere you look. When you’re online, though, the “noise” can be quite distracting. As marketers, we need to find a way to cut through to the consumer by providing opportunities for more interaction. Hosting live webinars with an opportunity to chat with you and ask questions or streaming 360 views of your gyms during a class to help make people feel like they are actually part of the experience will be on the rise in the coming year.

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Wishing you a happy, healthy and Profit-able New Year, from all of us at Profit Marketing Solutions.